Lets be Transparent….

     I Magnetic Force, no longer want to carry this burden of hurt. I am so busy making sure everyone else is OK, I have forgot to reflect on the reflection. I tend to hold in things, I tend to expect more from someone because of the person I am to them. I must learn […]

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Embrace your singleness……

      We have all been to a point in our lives, where the thing called life just clicks. You begin to reposition your thoughts and reposition yourself. I think about some relationships and my failed marriage, I tricked myself in believing that I could get myself together while in these relationships. Man, was I wrong. […]

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What’s the cure?

    The cure to get to your purpose and destiny does not cost a person a thing but self-reflection. All it takes to get to a higher level of living is accountability and forgiveness. Before anyone can move on from hurt, your past, previous relationships and/or abuse you must evaluate how you got there. I […]

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FEAR not…..

      It’s nothing to fear but fear itself. When we acknowledge something or someone with fear, do we fear the existence, or do we fear the unexpected? In my case, I fear the unexpected. I’m not for sure if it’s the waiting period of the reaction or response, or if it’s the control mechanism within […]

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I’m no longer here for it…..

      When the door closes in a relationship, why do we reopen it? I am guilty for reopening doors that should have never been reopened. When someone has chosen to reappear in your life it’s a test. A test that either you failed the first time, you studied and learned the content, or you studied […]

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